Enjoy our hot spring in your day trip at Atami
熱海温泉の旅館 新かどや
Atami hotspring
Atami's healing place, Shin Kado Ya
 14-8 Koarashi-cho, Atami, Shizuoka prefecture
TEL 0557-81-6185
FREE 0120-006185
FAX 0557-82-3646
Accommodation information
Credit cards
Hotel information
Fire prevention
Fulfills requirements of Fire Defense Law
Guest room
20 rooms accommodating 120
All rooms have bath tub and washroom
Hot spring
A large common tub/open-air bath
Banquet hall
100 Tatami mats (165m2)・80 Tatami mats (132m2)・40 Tatami mats(66m2)
120 guests
Parking space
40 private cars 
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   Our own hot spring “Hira to no yu” provides an ample supply of water.
  Abundant supply of hot water of 95 liters every minute from the origin.
The temperature of the original hot water is 59 C.
   Separated large bath and hot spring bath set in the open
Large hot spring bath "Hira to no yu" (for ladies)
"Hira to no yu" in the open air
Large hot spring bath "Tenjin no yu" (for gentlemen)
"Tenjin no yu" in the open air
   Our own hot spring “Hira to no yu”
A festival held in the precincts of Hira to Tenmangu (a shrine dedicated to Sugawara no Michizane, the patron saint of scholarship).
Shin Kado Ya is located on the “Tenjin” mountain in Atami and has Hira to Tenmangu on the premises, after which our hotspring “Hira to no yu” was named. It has been said that Hira to Tenmangu protected the victims of natural disaster who later set it on a pedestal. This is why there are still towns having names with “Tenjin” in Atami, such as “Tenjin cho”, “Kami Tenjin cho”, and “Shimo Tenjin cho”.
Water temperature
higher temperature of 59C
Water yield
ample yield of 95 liter/min
Calcium, Sodium-chloride spring (low tonicity/alkalescent/high temperature)
Fatigues, health-enhancement, neuralgia, muscular pain, arthralgia, chronic digestive trouble, poor circulation, hemorrhoids, bruise and others


Large hot spring bath: Circulating free flow hot spring from our own springhead Hot spring in the open air: 100% free flow hot water piped from our own springhead
   We offer hot spring for non-staying visitors. Please drop in to enjoy our hot spring.
  • Day-use plan
  • Hot spring-only plan
Example of a guest room
JPY5,010~for one person at Day use plan Hotspring + rest at a guest room + soba (buckwheat) lunch box including soba, tempura and rice The plan is very convenient as it includes towel, bath towel and yukata (an informal cotton kimono).(Please make a phone call for reservation.)

JPY10,020~for two persons

(Service charge and tax included)
Large hot spring bath
You can enjoy our hot spring piped from our spring head " Hira to no yu " at a reasonable rate. Kindly be advised to bring your towel and bath towel. (You can also purchase/rent a towel.)
JPY1,500 for one person
(tax included)