Enjoy the maisonnette-type room with a swimming pool and open-air hot spring.
熱海温泉の旅館 新かどや
Atami hotspring
Atami's healing place, Shin Kado Ya
 14-8 Koarashi-cho, Atami, Shizuoka prefecture
TEL 0557-81-6185
FREE 0120-006185
FAX 0557-82-3646
Accommodation information
Credit cards
Hotel information
Fire prevention
Fulfills requirements of Fire Defense Law
Guest room
20 rooms accommodating 120
All rooms have bath tub and washroom
Hot spring
A large common tub/open-air bath
Banquet hall
100 Tatami mats (165m2)・80 Tatami mats (132m2)・40 Tatami mats(66m2)
120 guests
Parking space
40 private cars 
>>Floor plan PDF 1.5Mbytes
Rooms with swimming pool
& open-air hot spring
Rooms with open-air hot spring
Rooms with open-air hot spring
Rooms with open-air hot spring
Purely Japanese-style rooms
   “Hikari” is perfectly suit for small number of people.

Enjoy the luxurious “resort villa”. Both dinner and breakfast are served at your room for intimate quality time.

■1st floor
+3Japanese-style rooms
+Open-air hot spring & swimming pool
+Bathtub & washroom
■2nd floor

+Living room with superb outlook

+A room with twin beds
+Bathtub & washroom
■Capacity: 8 persons
■Rates: a day before a holiday: 240,000JPY
■Rates: Weekday and holiday: 210,000JPY
■TEL 0557-81-6185
■TEL (toll free) 0120-006185
*Service charge and tax are included. Separate bathing tax is 150JPY per an adult.
   1st floor
3 Japanese rooms, open-air hot spring, swimming pool, bathtub and washroom
Purely private swimming pool
3 Japanese rooms
Open-air free-flowing hot spring
At the poolside
   2nd floor
Living room with superb outlook, a room with twin beds, bathtub and washroom
Living room and twin beds
Living room with superb outlook
Spectacular view of the ocean and Atami town
   Barbecue cooking as a happy memory in Atami
Enjoy the precious moment at dusk in Atami town with barbecue.
You will all relaxed and conversation flow freely with drinks, which will make fond memories of Atami.
*The picture below is an image of barbecue.
There is no extra charge for barbecue,
which is an alternative to regular traditional Japanese dinner (Kaiseki meal).
*For special fees, liquor, soft drinks and additional meal are available.
*Barbecue is available only for the guests staying at “Hikari”.
*Please let us know if you would like barbecue when booking.
*The picture below is an image of barbecue.
   Reservation for special suite “Hikari”

Rate: 210,000JPY up to 8 guests (240,000 JPY on the day before a holiday) plus 150 JPY
per person for a bathing tax.

Phone: 0557-81-6185 / toll-free: 0120-006185